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We Make RI helps manufacturers recruit new, qualified talent and grow the skills of existing workers with custom-tailored training programs and interships. By partnering with us, we will help you staff your factory building with the right employees – for FREE!

Internship Program

Our new, manufacturing internship program has two tracks: General Manufacturing and Industrial Sewing. In both tracks, interns work for 3-4 weeks learning the basics of math and measurement, quality control, and working at production speed in a factory environment. In our General Manufacturing internship, candidates move on to learn assembly, packaging techniques, palletizing, inventory control and basic shipping programs.

For industrial sewing, the interns will work with common industrial sewing machines, learning everything from threading the needle to basic machine maintenance. To successfully graduate, workers must complete a series of real-world products at production speed. In both tracks, we can always incorporate training that is specific to your company.

Job Recruiting

We Make RI has access to a vast pool of qualified workers. If you have an open job, we can help you find the right candidate through postings on our job board or by welcoming you to one of our job fairs. These services are FREE to our employer partners. We only ask that you keep us up-to-date on new jobs and hires.

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Internship Programs

Learn more about the internships we offer and how we bring qualified workers into the manufacturing talent pool

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Safety Training Programs

Our certified trainers can help make sure your facility is OSHA compliant in the latest safety initiates. You can sign-up for live classes or online seminars.

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Production Assistance

From product development to assembly, we can help you with your manufacturing needs. We have space and staff available for you to use for assembly, warehouse and more!

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