Let us Help You with Your Production.

At We Make RI, we have 12,000 square feet of designated manufacturing space to help you with your work. We can offer you space to expand production, or provide you with additional workers. If you need prototyping, special projects, or simply want to outsource some level of your manufacturing process, we can help!

Here’s what we have to offer:

  • 12000 square feet of high-end, climate controlled workspace
  • Loading dock
  • Assembly workers
  • Clean room space
  • Warehouse space
  • Forklift and qualified driver


Do you have a new product or idea and need someone to help build it? We can assist you at all stagesof design from concept to production.

People in factory working assembly line


With new guidelines in workers spacing, we can provide you the extra room and hands you need to grow. Temporary and long term manufacturing assistance is available.


Talk to us about warehousing. If you simply need some extra space for a few months or another shipping location, we have a team that can help you.

Let’s Build Something Together