Launching Careers

No Experience Necessary

If you’ve never worked in manufacturing, this is the place to start. Our manufacturing internships are geared toward Rhode Island residents aged 18+ who have little to no experience working in manufacturing. We can get you working in as little as 2 weeks!

Earn a weekly stipend while you train and get ready for a full-time career with paid time off and benefits. Our internship program doesn’t start and end with manufacturing, though. We teach resume building and interview skills that can be applied to every industry.

Our established list of manufacturing partners is always hiring. When we match you with a job, we do our best to find something that works with your schedule, location, passion and skills.

Before you get started, learn more about our manufacturers and the jobs they have to offer.

Changing Direction

If you already have some experience in manufacturing and are looking for a new opportunity or a way to build upon your skills, we can help you with that too.



Our goal isn’t just to match you with a job, but to launch you into a full-time career with health benefits and paid time off with a manufacturer that will foster growth and advancement.

Take a moment to explore open jobs.

Manufacturing Internships

Our Manufacturing Internship program is intended for adults looking to start or change their career. Within 2 weeks, you can be trained in a new field and earn a stipend while you learn!

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Job Board

Our extensive list of manufacturers is always contacting us with new positions. Check back often to see who is hiring and what they have to offer.

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Sewing Internship

No experience necessary. Get paid to train in this 4 week industrial sewing internship. Start with the basics and graduate to making real products.

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