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Machine Operator/Packer – 2nd Shift – Providence, RI

The person hired for this position will be responsible for examining, inspecting and packaging products. They will record product, packaging, and order information on specified forms, and identify defective products or materials based on written specification. Workers are expected to work independently with minimal supervision. 


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Two years of manufacturing experience
  • Basic math skills and measuring capabilities
  • Ability to read and document product specifications in English
  • Comfortable with computers
  • Ability to lift 50lbs
  • Must pass background check

Pay: $15-$16/hour
Plus: Health, dental, life insurance, 401K, Paid Time Off

Manufacturing Associate – 2nd Shift – Providence, RI

Work alongside operators in the slitting department. Assist to set up machines for operation. Transport materials using sit down forklift.

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Strong mechanical aptitude
  • Able to work an 8-hour shift in a manufacturing environment, including:
    • Lift and move 50 pounds
    • Stand for long periods of time
    • Use a computer
    • Read and understand instructions in English
  • 0-2 years of experience in a manufacturing or warehouse environment
  • Forklift experience a plus
  • Background check required

Pay: $19/hour
Plus: Health, dental, life insurance, 401K, Paid Time Off

Press Trainee – 2nd Shift – Providence, RI

Work alongside pressroom operators. Assist with and train on printing flexible packaging.

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Strong mechanical aptitude
  • Attention to detail
  • Desire to learn the flexographic printing industry
  • Ability to lift 50lbs regularly

Pay: $16-$18/hour
Plus: Health, dental, life insurance, 401K, Paid Time Off


Ink Technician – 2nd Shift- Providence, RI

  • Examine manufacturing formulations
  • Blend inks to match specific colors
  • Measure and mix raw materials
  • Color draw downs
  • Learn to operate manufacturing equipment
  • Support press’ to maximize up time
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Excellent color acuity
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Willingness to assist other departments as required
  • Background Check required

Pay: $20-$22/hour
Plus: Health, dental, life insurance, 401K, Paid Time Off

Set-Up Operator – 2nd Shift- Providence, RI

Break down and setup up our bag machines. Also, load rolls, quality control, troubleshoot and perform preventive maintenance.

  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Two years of experience in manufacturing
  • Prior maintenance line technician experience very helpful
  • Will train a qualified mechanic outside the industry on our machines
  • Ability to think outside the box
  • Strong mechanical and math aptitude
  • Lifting 50lbs
  • Speak, read and understand English
  • Background check required

Pay: $20-$22/hour
Plus: Health, dental, life insurance, 401K, Paid Time Off

Machine Operator – Cranston, RI

  • Perform quality checks on parts using hand tools, gauges, scales, micrometers, and computerized equipment.
  • Enter job information (part counts, completion of tasks) into manufacturing software

CNC Tech Level III – Cranston, RI

  • Perform tasks related to the safe operation of a CNC Swiss-style, multi-axis machine in a fast paced metal fabrication facility. 
  • Use quality measuring tools to verify product conformity (micrometers, calipers, optical comparator, microscope, video measuring equipment and CMM), and follow work instructions, prints and other documents.  

Shipping Coordinator – Lincoln, RI

  • Fill customers’ (routes) orders from stored freezer items in accordance with information obtained from computer system
  • Maintain contact with Providence Shipping Supervisor
  • Coordinate with packaging supervisor (bakery) on timing of product availability
  • Assign trailer to be taken out by drivers as they arrive at bakery
  • Receiving, unpacking, verifying & recording incoming merchandise or material into a computer; shipping material & loading of trucks, applying truck seals if needed and recording shipped materials into the computer
  • Responsible for participating in all activities set out by the company in support of the Food Safety Modernization Act.
  • Unload trucks of empty trays, racks or other packaging materials to maintain a flow of empty materials to the packaging department and to allow orderly loading of trucks
  • Maintain a clean & safe work area at all times as well as maintaining all Food Plant GMP’s
  • Safely operate fork lift, electric pallet jack, shrink wrap machine and scissor lift
  • Any other associated tasks as seen necessary by supervisory personnel.

FSQR Technician – N. Kingstown, RI

  • Accurately perform and record monitoring activities, process verifications, and audits throughout the facility including raw material audits, documenting deviations and/or recording corrective actions taken
  • Monitor and enforce all plant specific and corporate food safety programs per the Cargill Policy Manual (CFSRA) and the Global Food Safety Standards (BRC)
  • Performing pre-operational inspections and accompanying USDA reps during inspections, along with performing quality monitoring of product and processes
  • $18-$19.58/hr

General Production – N. Kingstown, RI

  • Working in a repetitive and fast-paced environment to complete various processes including weighing, bagging, packing, unpacking, labeling, and boxing of meat products
  • $14-$15.50/hr

General Operator – N. Kingstown, RI

  • Working in a repetitive and fast-paced environment to complete various processes including weighing, bagging, packing, unpacking, labeling, and boxing of meat products
  •  General use of a knife or other tools/machinery to process meat, including but not limited to trimming and removing fat, defects, or contamination from muscle or tissues
  • $15-$19.15/hr

Forklift/Clamp Truck Operator – Warwick, RI

  • Support Warehouse Manager’s daily efforts with Fork Lift & Material Handling Work. CLAMP TRUCK EXPERIENCE PREFERRED AND NEEDED
  • RF Experience preferred
  • $16-$18/hr

5 Axis CNC Programmer – Bristol, RI

  • Program large format 5 Axis CNC files using MasterCam
  • Use computer software to model cutting paths and program machines accordingly
  • Perform quality assurance tests to ensure products meet design specifications
  • Adjust machine cutting paths or settings to optimize production while maintaining quality
  • Consider tools required to cut particular materials and program machines accordingly
  • Troubleshoot and resolve problems with machines as they arise
  • Perform basic machine maintenance such as cleaning and sharpening
  • Read technical drawings and set up the machines in accordance with designs
  • Train new employees on how to properly operate CNC machines and programs
  • Adhere to required standards established to maintain ISO 9001:2015 certification

Composite Technician – Bristol, RI

  • Maintain a clean job site; pick up and return all tools and equipment to proper locations.
  • Secure work area each day to minimize potential hazards.
  • Handle and store all materials appropriately per product specifications.
  • Perform work in accordance with training and quality assurance guidelines.
  • Stop work immediately in the event that there is a question or concern for safety or quality and
  • inform appropriate supervisor/manager. Follow all safety and incident reporting procedures.
  • Fill out and keep track of all appropriate quality management documentation and turn all
  • paperwork in to supervisor when fully completed.
  • Fabricate and assemble composite parts. The processes used in the performance of these tasks
  • may include tool preparation, lamination, vacuum bagging, oven operation, and
  • finishing/cosmetics work
  • Route, drill, trim and sand composite parts according to blueprint dimensions and tolerances.

CNC Operator – Bristol, RI

  • Work with Production Manager and Design/CNC Coordinator to support all project timelines
  • Operate and maintain the CNC machines
  • Use various processes to create tools including: Direct-cut CNC and other methods deemed appropriate
  • Develop manufacturing processes and procedures
  • Work cooperatively with the CNC Programmers and CNC Operators
  • Support the Design/CNC Coordinator in miscellaneous tasks

CNC Machinist- Lincoln, RI

  • Reads job specifications to determine machine adjustments and material requirements.
  • Sets stops or guides to specified length as indicated by scale, rule, template or manufacturing data sheets
  • Reads and understands all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for equipment

Assistant Toolroom Clerk- Lincoln, RI

  • The tool clerk receives all incoming supplies, organizes them, and distributes them to their proper storage.
  • Keeping track of running inventories of nearly 1000 items in a systematic manner by updating physical inventories both on paper and on Excel based system.
  • The tool clerk prepares all outgoing tooling packages (wrapping, boxing, creating purchase orders and shipping labels)
  • $14/hr

Annealer – Cranston, RI

Operate equipment in the annealing department. The
main functions are annealing equipment operation, equipment maintenance, production documentation, and product & scrap handling.

General Laborer – Cranston, RI

An entry level position. Responsibilities will include strip/
coil cleaning, flatten and cut work, and as a back up position for the annealing operation to cover for strip personnel during breaks and time away (illness/

Rolling Operator – Cranston, RI

Responsible for rolling production materials. Main
functions include rolling material to specified gages.

Tubing Operator – Cranston, RI

Responsible for tube breakdown from cast in
accordance with documented requirements. Main functions include tubing

Extrusion Operators – Ashaway, RI

  • Responsible for controlling and monitoring machines that shape thermoplastic materials over a wire conductor
  • Set-up and operation of wire/cable extrusion machine to manufacture insulated cable products.

Trayers – Ashaway, RI

  • Responsible for the general handling of extruded product in addition to visual inspections, bagging and packaging as required.
  • Acts as the first line of defense in identifying, discarding and communicating about non-conforming product

Packers – CT Facility

  • Perform various secondary operations to extruded tubing including trimming, tipping, bonding, forming, printing and all other activities as instructed by supervisor, making sure to adhere to customer requirements.
  • Perform necessary adjustments to equipment including replacing wearable parts (bushings, blades, etc.)

Machine Operator – Warwick, RI

  • Operate Machine safely and following all procedures.
  • Prioritize job flow based on input from production planning and supervision.
  • Must be able to process work instructions.
  • Record data on processes.
  • Light maintenance of equipment.
  • Read routings and shop orders – cross train as necessary.
  • Maintain product traceability.
  • Maintain accuracy in alloy identification, order documentation and data entry.
  • Recognize and communicate quality issues through the process.
  • Ability to cross-train and multitask on other equipment.
  • Ability to lift 35 lbs or operate hoist for heavier material.
  • Actively participate and engage in Department and Company Lean activities driving
  • business improvement ideas, quality enhancements, productivity improvements, safety
  • updates or other areas of Lean including 5S, Kaizen events, etc.
  • All other tasks as assigned by his/her Supervisor/Manager.

Material Handlers – Coventry, RI

  • You will perform a variety of duties including picking lumber, masonry and/or building materials and staging for customers and deliveries
  • Safely load and unload delivery and tractor-trailer trucks
  • Stage and palletize product in a secure manner

General Laborer Operators – Coventry, RI

  • Work from specifications to call up programs.
  • Loads fixture boards and materials onto machines
  • Ensures machines are properly setup, runs (or assist with) first piece inspection

Shipping Associate – Coventry, RI

  • Pick, palletize, secure and label freight orders and ground shipments daily
  • Manage inventory
  • Correctly place finished goods in their designated locations
  • Build, inspect, and prepare furniture for shows

Furniture Assemblers – Coventry, RI

  • Assembles plastic parts to form sections, frames or complete articles of furniture.
  • Drill holes and drives screws to join parts using power tools
  • Inspects and verifies accuracy of assembled article for conformance to standards.
  • Lifting up to 50lbs routinely
  • Must be able to use light production tools such as drills, routers and sanders.

Loader Checker/Trainee – Cumberland, RI

  • Entry level position for the purpose of training individuals to become an operator or setup person.
  • This position is a learning position and requires a mentor to oversee the individual.
  • Training will be offered to assist with their learning.
  • $15.00-$15.50/hr

Operator Level 1 – Cumberland, RI

  • Basic Machinists
  • Learning level and has minimal knowledge of machines.  
  • $15.50-$16.50/hr 

Operator Level 2 – Cumberland, RI

  • Person who meets or exceeds Operator Level 1 and has knowledge of how to load, check and minimal offset capability.
  • This person understands the basic functions of guide bushing/collet adjustments.
  • $16.00-$17.00/hr

Operator Level 3 – Cumberland, RI

  • Individual who meets or exceeds Operator Level 2
  • Can handle more advanced operator operations such as putting tooling into the machine, setting tools, offset changes, slight program adjustments
  • Works with minimal supervision.
  • $16.50-$18.50/hr

Set-Up Person Level 1 – Cumberland, RI

  • Ability to setup basic 2 axis or 3 axis machines with minimal Supervision. 
  • $18.00-$20.00+/hr

Set-Up Person Level 2 – Cumberland, RI

  • Accomplished requirements for Level 1
  • This person is able to work independently and able to setup sub-spindle machines.
  • They will have a full understanding of programming and knowledge of the various split-slide/turret sub-spindles.
  • $25.00-$30.00/hr

Set-Up Person Level 3 – Cumberland, RI

  • Accomplished Level 1 & 2 and able to work independent and requires not assistance.
  • Individual has full capability of setting up any machine in the shop and able to program without any assistance.
  • This individual is able to program the most complex of equipment owned by Swissline.
  • $30.00+/hr

Production Technician – North Kingstown, RI

  • Machine setup based on daily work orders
  • Sets machine conditions
  • Operates machine controls
  • Monitors instrumentation and material during operation
  • $18.23+/hr

Packaging Technician – North Kingstown, RI

  • Wraps, packages and labels the finished products for preparation and final shipment
  • Operates standard equipment including forklifts or specifically designed machines that prepare products for packaging, storage, and shipment
  • Forklift experience required

Production Technician – North Kingstown, RI

Machine setup based on
daily work orders

  • Sets machine conditions
  • Operates machine controls
  • Monitors instrumentation and material during operation
  • Keeps process conditions within control
  • Prepares assigned paperwork and enters data into computer systems as necessary
  • Performs quality inspections
  • Participates in correcting and improving product machine operation
  • Ensures cleanliness of
    assigned work area and
    assigned machine
  • $18.23/hr

Production Technician – Cranston, RI

  • Electrical panel, field wiring experience and industrial painting experience a plus.
  • Must be proficient in reading and understanding mechanical prints, pneumatic drawings, and electrical schematics

CNC Programmer – Cranston, RI

  • Candidates must have 3 to 5 years of experience in CNC set up, CNC operation and CNC programming
  • The candidate must also have a strong understanding of machining fundamentals and machine shop best practices
  • Candidates with experience in Cam Works software to program CNC milling centers, experience with conversational programming and the ability to keep three machines busy is required
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