Improving Upon Talent

Apprenticeship is structured, repeatable, registered
training with an approved agent, that leads to greater
proficiency within an apprentice-able occupation.
This can occur at any career level.

For Employers

Apprenticeship means you’ll have employees that share your commitment to enhancing their skills and career. Programs can be customized by our Apprenticeship team to meet your specific needs, and there are fantastic incentives for participation.

Our mid-level career apprenticeship in OHS safety training can be taught online and in-person in a classroom setting to skill up your incumbent workers on your schedule. Contact us to learn how we can help you with on-the-job instruction!


For Employees

Apprenticeship means you have a structured training program that takes place on the job and in the classroom. With our hybrid programs, you earn while you learn, with real-world application and related instruction. We can help you level-up in your career! Reach mastery level after one year on the job and 144 hours of training!

Apprentice in the Following Areas:

  • CNC Machinist
  • Quality Inspector
  • Grinder
  • Machine Mechanic
  • Tool Maker

I Am Manufacturing

Our I Am Manufacturing program is intended for adult students looking to start or change their career. Within 2 weeks, you can be working at an exciting new career!

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Meet the Makers

CNC Machinist

We work with some of the leading manufacturers in Rhode Island who look to us for their staffing needs. Watch the introductory videos for some of our employers and find the right fit for you!

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For senior high school students and recent grads, we offer classes in career prep and pre-college training. You can even earn college credit from your time with us!

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