Manufacturing Competence

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We Make RI helps manufacturers recruit new, qualified talent and grow the skills of existing workers with custom-tailored training programs and apprenticeships. By partnering with us, we will help you staff your factory building with the right employees – for FREE!

Our employer partners have access to our pool of trained graduates, and we work with them on creating manufacturer specific training modules. Our focus is on growing the technical skills and the soft skills that are essential in today’s team-based workplace. We can offer affordable training for one employee or an entire team. We can also work to set up employer-sponsored certifications.

To learn more about how you can benefit from a partnership with us, please contact us below.

Apprentice Programs

We can train existing employees with new skills to meet your manufacturing requirements. Your company may also qualify for a reimbursement for this program!

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Safety Training Programs

Our certified trainers can help make sure your facility is OSHA compliant in the latest safety initiates. You can sign-up for live classes or download a pre-recorded seminar.

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Production Assistance

From product development to assembly, we can help you with your manufacturing needs. We have space and staff available for you to use for assembly, warehouse and more!

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