You Created your Business, Let us Help you Make it Grow!

The We Make RI Manufacturing Accelerator program is geared towards small product developers who are looking to take their idea to the next level and become a full-time entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter what you make, We Make RI will help you push your business forward. In 36 months, our goal is to have you working full-time for yourself and building your staff.

As part of our program, you will be paired with mentors from the Rhode Island Manufacturers Association, RI Society of CPA’s, the Business Development Company, and We Make RI. You’ll meet with your mentor monthly, let them guide you through the steps and requirements to grow your business, and attend monthly workshops on sessions like: how to build your online business, manage inventory, create a winning business play, and accounting. Manufacturers in our accelerator program also get premier access to We Make RI’s manufacturing services like assembly, warehousing, shipping, and packing for a reduced fee.

Sponsored by the RI Department of Commerce.

Benefits of the Accelerator Program

  • Each manufacturer will have access to experienced business mentors
  • All participants will receive financial advice from the RI Society of CPA’s and the Business Development Company
  • We Make RI will connect you to local manufacturers for production assistance
  • Accelerator participants get first priority for We Make RI paid production services including: assembly, dimensional imprinting, materials handling, order fulfillment, and digital services
  • Accelerator businesses will have access to the Accelerator Office Center and storage locker
  • Develop your business in the company of fellow entrepreneurs

Requirements for the Accelerator Program

  • Limited to 8-12 businesses
  • Applicants will be selected by a committee of fellow manufacturers
  • Applicants must have their business registered with the state of Rhode Island and be RI residents
  • Participants must commit to meeting with their mentor and participating in workshops when offered
  • Applicants enter the program with the goal of being self-employed plus hiring one full-time employee in 36 months
  • Businesses should already be producing $10,000 in annual gross revenue
  • Cost to participate is $100 the first year, $205 the second year, and $310 the third year


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